Welcome to WellbeingUCL part of the UCL Grand Challenge in Human Wellbeing

WellbeingUCL survey is a 'proof-of-concept' for national Wellbeing surveys. To tackle problems such as obesity, poor diet and lack of exercise the UK needs to conduct 'holistic' surveys of families', collecting anthropometrics, physiology, lifestyles and socio-economic data etc.

We are grateful for your help.

The opportunity to pioneer the Wellbeing survey is a contribution to UCL's Grand Challenge and will also generate, we believe, significant goodwill and public interest. So if you wish to contribute, please take part in our survey!

The easy 3-Step Process

Step 1Fill in the questionnaire,
submit it and print out the registration form
Step 2Bring your form to our measuring centre and get scanned arrow
Step 3Thank you for participating! Receive a measurement report!
Please complete a separate registration Questionnaire for yourself and each family member who wishes to take part in the WellbeingUCL survey. When you have completed the questionnaire(s) your computer will print a consent form(s) with a unique registration Barcode. Please bring this form with you when you come to be measured. Please read our Preparation document which tells you what to wear when you are measured.

Participation in this survey is voluntary and if at any stage you do not wish to continue, you are free to withdraw.